Trust Steel Structures


TRUST Steel Structures is the leading manufacturer of versatile steel building and structures. All of our steel structures are made with the highest grade Egypt Steel and are the strongest, most durable on the market. TRUST Steel founded in 1998, and has delivered hundreds of different solutions to our customers in Egypt, GCC and North Africa. TRUST Steel product portfolio includes solutions for all common production processes, starting from standard off-the-shelf solutions, right through to engineered complete production automation systems. TRUST Steel is specialized in designing and manufacturing steel structures such as: Hot Rolled, Cement Silos, Water Treatment Silos, Cranes, Gratings and CNC Bending. Trust Steel production lines are always tailored to improve the competitiveness and productivity of production is increasingly used to improve the productivity of our customers. And our projects are delivered direct from the factory, which means faster and more cost efficient delivery for our clients.

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